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I’ve not done anything like this before. Do I need to have some sort of experience in woodwordking?

No previous experience is needed at all! We show students through each step of the way and induct all students into the safe use of all equipment that we use.

Do we build the guitar from a kit?

We never build from kits. All of our guitar and bass projects are built from traditional guitar woods starting out as sticks of timber.

Do we get to shape our own necks?

You make every part of the neck excluding the hardware like the truss rod and tuners.

Is this course just for guys?

No, we’ve had many female students over the years.

My son/daughter is very interested in guitar making, but he/she is young. Can he/she do your course?

Yes, but depending on their age, may need to have a parent/helper along for the journey.

I don’t play guitar or bass, so can I do the course?

Absolutely! While playing your finished instrument at the end is pure fun, it’s not what is needed to complete a fantastic project.

Can I use some second hand pickups and hardware in my project?

Yes! As long as the components are in working order, you can create fantastic results with used gear!

Can I use some of my own wood for my project?

Yes, BUT we would have to inspect it and advise you on the viability and suitability of the material. Much time can be spent machining up material and sometimes the material can have old nails and screws hiding inside them waiting to create havoc with our expensive equipment. New materials such as exotic fretboard blanks and highly figured top material, or neck material from suppliers of wood to luthiers is absolutely fine.

I need to go away for a while and will be missing some classes. How will I catch up?

The way that we’ve structured our courses with a progressive payment method (the purchase of blocks of hours), you will be able to pick up from where you left off when you get back. You won’t loose the hours that you have purchased from us.

I don’t want to paint my instrument myself, can you paint it for me?

Yes, we often do this for students. Some people don’t want to deal with the painting side of guitar and bass making. It’s messy, difficult at first for the novice and the lacquer and solvent used can be very harmful to your health if not dealt with properly.

Can I start a second project at anytime during my first build?

Yes, that is a common request from our students and can be accommodated.

Can I change the shape of the body and the headstock to some of my design concept?

Yes you can. There is a fundamental central spine of an instrument that has to remain intact. This also includes some of the working of the headstock. But we encourage you to use some of your own inspiration for you project.

Can I use a decal of a big brand guitar making company on my headstock?

No. It is an infringement of copyright to use another brand logo on your work. This is why we also like to see you develop some of your own shapes and designs for your headstock and body. We can also help you with getting your own decal/logo printed off for you to use.

Can I do more elaborate things to my guitar/bass like binding or inlay work in the fretboard?

Yes you can, but it will take many more hours to complete your project if you choose to do so.

Can I make a triple neck guitar/bass that is hollow body (chambered)/neck-through/carved top etc as my very first build?

Not as a first instrument. We often have students who want to build the most complex instruments as their first build. Some are disappointed that we don’t allow them to do so, only to tell us about 5 lessons into a ‘simple’ first build “this isn’t as easy as I first thought, thank goodness for not letting me do it!”

There will be time to build really complex and demanding instruments in your future!

Can I build a short scale bass guitar?

Yes we can help you build a short scale bass at 30” and 30.5”

Can I build a fretless bass?

Yes you can. We have had many students complete great lined and unlined bass guitars.

Do I get to wire up my own instrument?

We go through all of the wiring and set up of the pickups with you, getting you to perform the processes.

Do we cover fretwork in the course?

We get you to do all of the fretting process from installation to levelling, re-crowning and polishing.